Additive Manufactured Faucet
This was a sponsored project by Delta Faucet Company, the task for me is to design a unique faucet that can take advantage of the Additive Manufacturing process.
Emilio is a futuristic-looking double handle faucet, with the main body made from matte steel, while the outer surfaces are wrapped with a different material to create a sleek and elegant form.

Type: Sponsored Project
Duration: 8 weeks
Category: Bathroom Appliances, Materials and Surfaces

User Group
People with families, adults who have their own apartments. They want their home to be a harmonious living space, with every individual item has its own function and aesthetic.​​​​​​​

With additive manufacturing, EMILIO can be made with cut out and with a surface of a different material (nickel), running along with the outer profile, wrapping around the faucet smoothly without any material cut.​​​​​​​

Color Options
Emilio comes with four color options, featuring four different materials: Stainless Steel, Black Aluminum, Cobalt, and Nickel.​​​​​​​

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