Underwater Earphones
Using bone conduction technology, Aquios is water resistance and thus letting users to listen to their music while taking part in underwater activities. It also gives users the ability to connect and download music from all their online musical profiles through its mobile app.

Type: Individual Project
Duration: 8 weeks
Category: Sportswear, Consumer Electronics


Listening to music while exercising can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance the comfort level of the action. However, earphones are very limited underwater due to the risk of water damage and radio waves (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, etc) are much less effective in liquid environment.

Background Research
To come up with a solution, I look into some related issues and what technology is being used in the market right now.

Bone Conduction
During research, I found out about bone conduction, a technology that transmit sound vibration along the temporal bone to the cochlea. This allows the earphones to be built without the need of audio holes, and prevent water damage.

The design of Aquios is inspired by Bauhaus, using geometric shapes to create a timeless form, and bring the contemporary classic yet modern look to the device. This would help Aquios to stand out among the various options of earphones in the market.

The buttons to control Aquios are put in both sides of the earphones, and perform tasks with different level of importance (the Left ones control the songs and volumes, while the Right one can control power move between playlists). Buttons with different functions have different surface textures, with the Left and Right side have different shapes, so users do not mistake one for another. The bigger the task, the more effort and time needed to perform.

While underwater, earphones cannot connect to either Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Users need to download their media to their device if they wish to use it in the pool. This is the limitation all underwater earphones have, as their music library on the device is separated from their online musical profile, such as Spotify and Soundcloud.
However, users have connection between Aquios and their phone while on land. Once synced, they can connect Aquios to the internet via their phone, then download and update their online musical libraries to the local memory on the earphones.

Mobile App
The mobile app will act as a middle man, give users access to all other musical apps on their phone and download them to the earphones. It can also play music like any other musical apps.

The PLAYLISTS button gives users the ability to change playlists, podcasts, audio books from their local libraries while underwater.

Color Options
The three colors available for Aquios are Mint Green, Polar Blue, and Lava Grey. While the Blue is the most popular color for swimwear, the Grey shade has a much more restraint and darker look, and the Green one is the most unique and expressive option.

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